Inside Of This Book, Here Are A Few of the Secrets That You'll Discover...

Are your daily actions a representation of your speaking fluent failure or success?

STOP! Read this book and you'll discover the two reasons why articulating your success language is the "HOLY GRAIL” when it comes to manifesting success and wealth! 
Over 15 chapters on WHY and HOW your success language is the next and final step before you become your best self.  
PLUS: I’ll let you in on the success quadrant formula. When mastered, this “secret formula” will put you on the fast track to making your success a reality! 
The 3 “Rules” you must follow in order to compete and WIN when it comes to playing the game of life. (WARNING: Rules 1 and 3 are important, but Rule 2 will make or break you!) 
9 Steps to figuring out what your life's choices has shown you, both good and bad.  
How one simple “tweak” to your hustle can be the difference between generating MILLIONS v.s. being repeating the same actions over and over and being "almost there." 
The “Magic Template” successful people of color use to build assets and create MILLIONS of dollars in passive income. (This template not only works for them BUT it's exactly what I used to craft a profile that pays me every day!)  
The 4-pronged strategy you can use to spy on your fears and create powerhouse strategies that will position you as an authority and articulate your perfect success language. PLUS: Discover why making sure your success language is properly "eq'd" can make the difference between being seen as Influencer or Imposter.
The 'Goldilocks' approach to selecting the perfect niche for yourself... and discover the difference between passive income that only generates some extra versus passive income that will allow you to follow and finance your passions. (HINT: There are 7 principles to follow, and you have to follow all of them!) 
The 'secret weapon' you can use to quickly and easily create a never-ending supply of fresh and engaging points of emphasis in your life… using ONLY your cell phone… all in 5 minutes a day OR LESS. 
Learn the “circular solution” for creating CRAZY engagement each and every day. (Hint: How would you handle tomorrow if it was the most important day of your life). 
The “dirty little secret” that successful people don’t want you to know about how they built their MASSIVE successes (without being attached to their phone 24/7)!  
Money isn't everything but you'll need it to power your dreams. Learn how to leverage the 8th Wonder of the World to make money while you sleep. 
Want to get RICH? Of course you do! Heart, Hustle, & Muscle: The Language Of Success will teach you the single most important mindset you need to have when investing in your business. (Hint: This is what famous online marketer, Frank Kern, calls "the most dependable way to generate wealth.")  
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what could you do?
Free Copy of #1 Bestseller:
Heart Hustle & Muscle: The Language of success
A couple years ago I wrote another book:
Heart, Hustle, & Muscle: The Language Of Success and it became a bestselling book for me. It explained that success isn't one size fits all and success means different things for all of us. What works for you may not work for everyone. With that said, when you pick up a self help book, you could be wasting your time because based on what you're trying to do, you speak success differently. Some want money, some want fame, some want family, and some want a combination of them all. Depending on what you want, you talk success differently.

So what conversation are you having with your success?
What conversation is your success having with the rest of us?

While discovering your success language completely belongs to you, it can be overwhelming and produce questions. Everybody processes differently and will create their own path, but the formula for any language was built for mass consumption. There are patterns in every success language. The recipe is the same every single time. 


The amount of each ingredient may vary based on you. A little here, a little there, until you get it just right. But each and every time, the recipe is the same. 


So what conversation are you having with your success?
What conversation is your success having with the rest of us?

My name is Marcus Carter, you may have heard of me as "The Goal Mentor." I’m an award winning author and public speaker. I wrote Heart, Hustle, & Muscle to show people:

1. What a success language is and 
2. what the components of any success language are, while
3. defining each component: Heart, Hustle, and Muscle. 

It has always been my goal to share how you can ENGINEER success and do it on your terms. My journey has not been pretty but it serves as proof. An alcoholic, a felon, a poor father, a black man,  no money, and bad credit is not enough to stop the creation of success. It has now been proven and I want to prove success is possible for you  too. After writing this book,  I spoke to my success and it’s time for you to speak to yours. I invest in real estate and help others invest in real estate. I am a licensed broker and consultant, committed to teaching my community how to leverage real estate. 

With most of my readers actively pursuing success, it doesn’t take a break surgeon to figure out the part real estate could and should play in anybodies articulated idea of success. 

But what I noticed was, my clients that had read "Heart, Hustle, & Muscle: The Language Of Success" experienced a much more gratifying and efficient introduction or growth in real estate and/or wealth. 

So with the anticipation of "Heart, Hustle, & Muscle II: The REAL Estate" at a fever pitch, I feel it’s only right to give away the first book for FREE because I really want my readers to get the most from the sequel. My goal when I released Heart, Hustle, & Muscle: The Language Of Success was to help one million people of color understand and articulate their own success language. Believe it or not I’m getting there. With the upcoming release of the sequel, I’m prepared to blow the lid off of that goal and double it. So I feel it’s only right to put my money where my mouth is. I will ship you your copy of Heart, Hustle, & Muscle: The Language Of Success for FREE. YES FOR FREE. No, not a digital copy, a hard copy. Copies I paid for that I believe in so much I just want you to read it. So here’s the deal, I’ll send you the book for free, you cover shipping, sound fair?

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Oh, And In Case You're Wondering...

There Is NO CATCH!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" – and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

-Well, there are actually a few reasons...
​It's my way of saying thank you for being dedicated to yourself and your future. 

​-I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

​-I'm a little ticked off... I'm not going to lie. I'm sick of seeing Instagram imposters with 100,000 fake followers and fake testimonials on their websites charge $1997 for a course they slapped together to make a quick buck. I get spiteful when I'm mad! LOL... To say a big "F-YOU" to the rip-off artists, I decided to write a book that destroys their sh*tty courses and give it away for free so they couldn't steal people's hard-earned money anymore!

Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's why...

We've only printed a few thousand copies of this book, and when they're gone... well, they're gone!  

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
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